“Finding the Will of God – a Pagan Notion?”

There are only a few books that are on my “Annual List.” That means that they are so awesome that I think they should be read each year as a reminder to the wisdom they contain.

In addition, I also have my “TOP 5.” This is the list of books that have revolutionized my thinking in one way or another. One such book is, Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion? by Bruce Waltke.

I have found this book to be so amazing that I based a sermon on it that never fails to generate all sorts of feedback. Mostly good, mind you.

I’ve uploaded the sermon here. You’ll see a remarkable similarity with the book, and I always try to since people to Waltke when they ask for any further clarification. I hope you enjoy.


One thought on ““Finding the Will of God – a Pagan Notion?”

  1. Jonay

    TO:Michelle // May 16, 2010 at 4:50 pmI=f========nho=e, DeMint, Paul Ryan come to mind as some man that are somewhat sticking their necks out to fight for America BUT it is too little too late I think.Ron Paul is a one trick pony that has been in DC for a long time and has accomplished little more than talking points…

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