Monthly Archives: November 2008

Christmas Wishlist

Okay, so here’s my short list.

$49.95 – P90X® Chin-Up Bar – Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss Official Website.

$35.00 –  P90X Resistance bands

$$$$$ – Any of these Dial Dumb bells

Cordless Drill – not picky – just need something for quick fixes around the house

$30-$70 – Wetstone sharpening kit – 3 stone kits like this

Electric Razor – This one is nice and only $50.00

Some socks (yes, a sign I’m getting old) – but these are health socks… I need many pair for work. Here is a cheaper multi-set.

Kari’s List

Pampered Chef 5″ knife

Pampered Chef 8″ knife